Example Documents

Many of the documents we produce are of a commercially sensitive nature, and subject to non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), therefore we cannot describe them here. However, the following examples illustrate some of the different types of documentation we have created. Click on a thumbnail to access the corresponding example.


PDF User Guide

thumbnail of user guide

A multinational telecommunications company was launching a new range of phones onto the UK market. The phones were to be used on their existing telephone systems; all the system features and facilities would be available on the new phone.

We created new PDF User Guides in the client's house style that described the step-by-step operation of each feature on the new phone. They were created in Microsoft Word and were designed to be read on-screen, but could be printed if required by the customer.


Quick Guide

thumbnail of quick guide

We developed a Microsoft Excel solution for one of our clients to automate reconciliation of bank statement entries with their membership database.

The solution was intuitive to use and required little experience of Excel. However, we created a colourful, laminated, single sheet 'Quick Guide' to allow anyone to use the application, not just the person for whom it was designed.


Template for Business Forms

thumbnail for business forms

A busy engineering firm was concerned that the documents they were sending to their customers did not look professional enough. They didn't have a consistent 'look and feel', included differing levels of information, and, in some cases, omitted crucial details.

We created a number of basic Microsoft Word templates that were installed on all the firm's computers thus allowing the whole team to create professional, consistent documents for their customers.


Intelligent PDF

thumbnail for intelligent pdf

A local church was holding an open weekend and wanted a computer-based attraction to complement the more familiar static displays.

So we accepted the challenge and designed an "Interactive Churchyard" using Acrobat Professional and JavaScript. This is an 'intelligent' PDF that enables users to select the name of a deceased person from a list and then highlights the location of the corresponding plot on a map of the churchyard. The user then clicks on the highlighted plot to return to the list of names.

thumbnail of pdf form

The "Interactive Churchyard" is an extreme example of 'intelligent' PDF documents. A more representative example is the Sponsored Floodlighting Form, see left.


If you have problems displaying these example PDFs in your browser, see the Notes below.


  1. The PDF files for the example User Guide and Intelligent PDF are both large (1.1MB and 652KB respectively) and, depending on your broadband connection, may take some time to download.
  2. If you have problems displaying any PDF files in your browser, try the following:
  • In Adobe, go to the Edit menu and select Preferences.
  • Under 'Internet', make sure the box for 'Display PDF in browser' is unchecked.
  • Click OK to save your changes.
  1. The Intelligent PDF only works on PDF readers that support JavaScript.
    If you don't have a suitable reader installed, we recommend that you download and install Acrobat Reader (free from the Adobe website).


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